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Athens Little League - Athens, GA


Athens Little League Fall
Senior League Local Rules


Game rules

  • Games are 7 innings long

  • No new inning can start after 105 minutes of play

  • Games must be completed by 10 p.m.

  • Mercy rules

    • Lead of 15 after three innings

    • Lead of 10 after four innings

  • Leadoffs and stolen bases are allowed at any time

  • Dropped third strike rule applies

  • Balks will be called



  • Every rostered player must play a minimum of six defensive outs and bat at least one time.

  • The vice president of senior league will maintain a list of players who desire to be “pool players” and will email the list as pool players are needed. This list is open to any registered senior league player but can also include other former Athens Little League players — if they are of league age. Any request for a pool player should be sent to the vice president (best method is to text: 706-296-3832). Please note a request for a pool player does not automatically guarantee one will be secured.

  • If a pool player is needed, that player cannot pitch and must bat in the #9 slot in the order. If two pool players are used, they must bat in the #8 and #9 spot.

  • Games can be played with 8 players, using only two outfielders. If a team plays with 8 players, the #9 spot in the batting order is an automatic out.

  • A team cannot play with 7 players. Such situations will automatically count as a forfeit for the fully rostered team. If desired, the two teams can play a scrimmage, however the game will still count as a win by the fully rostered team, and umpires are not required to officiate the game.



  • No pitcher can throw more than 95 pitches in a game.

  • A catcher who has caught four innings cannot pitch that day.

  • A pitcher is required to have the following full days of rest after pitching*:



4 days

3 days

2 days

1 day











*Numbers reflect the number of pitches before facing the final batter. For example, John Doe, league age 14, throws 53 pitches on Monday, but he was at 50 pitches before facing his final batter. The next day that John would be able to pitch would be Thursday.



  • Ages 13-14 can use bats labeled "USA Baseball" or "BBCOR." Ages 15-16 can only use bats labeled "BBCOR." No bats labeled "USSSA" are allowed per Little League rules.

  • Metal spikes/cleats are permitted.

  • Catchers must wear cups and ‘dangling’ throat protector.



  • Per Little League International Rules, participants in Junior (13-14) Tournament play must have played in 8 regular season or post-season games unless they have an exception for school baseball, and in that case they must play in 60% of the team’s games played.

  • Any player under consideration for an ALL 13-16 Senior League tournament team must be a rostered (non-pool) player and have participated in 50% of their team's games played. 


*This is not a comprehensive list of rules, but rather a summary of the most asked questions related to Senior League. For questions not answered here, reference the Little League rulebook sections for Senior League.


Field Status

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