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Athens Little League - Athens, GA


  • What division is my child eligible for?
    Unless you have a waiver or Board approval, your child will play in whatever division is assigned to his or her League Age. There are rare exceptions, but it is important to stay in the appropriate division for age if possible.

  • What league age is my child?
    Your child’s League Age for 2024 (used in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 seasons) can be found by using this link for baseball and this link for softball.

  • What if I have a problem with my uniform?
    First let your coach know, and he or she will contact the board member that orders uniforms. It happens, so please bear with us as we get it worked out.

  • How do I become a coach/manager?
    If you did not register to be a coach when you registered your child, you can let the VP of your league know you are interested in coaching. They can be found on the list of Board Members. You must fill out a volunteer form/background check to participate.

  • How do I become an assistant coach?
    Once your child is assigned to a team with a manager, contact the manager to let them know you are interested.

  • When is the season opener?
    Please check the primary website for game schedules.

  • When are practices usually scheduled and how long are they?
    Practices depend on what league you are in, and they are usually 1-1.5 hours long. Once the games have started,  practices are usually on the weekends.

  • When are games and how long do they typically last?
    Games are typically on weeknights and start anywhere from 5-8PM. Depending on the league games last anywhere from 1-3 hours.

  • How long does the season last?
    The season is typically from March-May in the Spring. If your child is on All Stars it will last into the summer. Fall usually lasts from September-November.

  • Are there concession stands at Holland Park?
    Yes! Each team will volunteer to work in the stand 1-2 times per season. 

  • Can I use the batting cages?
    Yes you can! If they are available go for it. Times are reserved however for teams once the seasons start, so those will be reserved for those teams at those times.

  • Can I use the indoor batting cages?
    Coaches can use these. There is a list that comes out for the coaches for sign up times.

  • How do evaluations work?
    Board Members who are the Vice Presidents for each league and player agents get potential coaches together to score kids at the evaluations. Scores are tallied and then the teams are made based on those scores.

  • Equipment is expensive. Are there any options that are more affordable?
    Jerseys and hats are provided for all players. Many other uniform pieces are available at thrift and consignment stores like America’s Thrift Store and A Child’s Closet. Thrift stores may also have equipment, but make sure your child’s bat has the correct logo on it (USA for baseball) or it won’t be able to be used. We have a lot of equipment available to the coaches including catching gear, helmets, and bats. Hats and shirts are provided by the league, but belts, pants, and socks would need to be purchased. We are working on an equipment exchange program for the league so stay tuned for that.

  • What is provided in the cost?
    Included in your registration fee is your hat, shirt, and some equipment which is given to your coach. The registration also covers MANY unseen costs including umpire payment, replacing equipment like pitching machines, concessions, etc.

  • What equipment is required and/or recommended?
    You will need a baseball or softball glove, and cleats are recommended. You can bring your own bat, but usually someone on your team will let you borrow one also. You will also need baseball/softball pants, but the shirts and hats will be provided.

  • What if the umpire doesn’t show up for our game?
    Umpires start with machine pitch and 6-8 softball. Please contact your league VP if the umpire does not show up for your game, although this is rarely an issue.

  • How is the schedule made?
    The schedule is made based on field availability.

  • Are there AEDs/defbrillators at Holland Park?

  • Yes there are, they are located in the equipment shed on the Quad and in the concession stand. There is also an emergency tower in the Quad.

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